Yes. That is a good idea. jfc.


Yes. That is a good idea. jfc.



Anonymous said: Sasuke has only been on a month and she has so many duplicates of rare items, must be a good restocker?

No, she’s a beggar and people give her items. I also have reason to believe this isn’t the first account she’s had on Subeta.


Anonymous said: Dear dear beggars. I'm sure you think your begging will get you more items, and maybe it does with the right people, but I find that hard to believe. Let's see if maybe you can tell the difference here and choose the right way to post your next avatar. 1- HALINK - Hey look at my avatar, I'm still missing a few items, but it's looking good so far! or 2- HALINK - Hey everyone check out my avatar that's missing [item], [item], [item]. It really shouldn't be that hard... but I'll let you decide.

I’m guessing the second one?


Anonymous said: So if you talk about ANYTHING at all involving items, your a beggar?

No, if you say “Oh I need __ but I can’t afford it :(“, yes. Especially when you’re putting completely obvious full item names. 

Completely not obvious.

Completely not obvious.


Anonymous said: Do you find the people who send beggars the shit they want and therefore encourage the behavior just as guilty as the beggars themselves? Because I kind of do. Every time I see a beggar get sent something I go all "JUDGING YOU" on the person who sent it. 8| It almost makes me more mad than the begging itself. It's like giving a seagull a scrap of bread.

Yes I do.


Anonymous said: While I like the idea of this page, what I don't like is that SBers think they need an anonymous twitter account to call beggars out on their shit. Personally, I've never been afraid to call people out on their general stupidity in the SB and that may have given me a rep as a bitch with the idiots - but others love me for it. This page helps, but change can only happen when SBers buck the fuck up and stop tolerating idiots. Don't be afraid to be the bitch... it's funner that way

If someone made a twitter, it isn’t me. 

And if you mean making a tumblr, get your shit together. This isn’t twitter.


Anonymous said: Hey, there's some marshmallow on your cheek. I think you need to take care of that.

Mind getting that for me? 


Anonymous said: Sylvvia here. I didn't care much for seeing myself on here at first, but now I get a huge kick out of seeing the same people beg over and over again. They don't seem to understand or get that begging is not something you do. People in the SB will help if you ask nicely, not if you beg like an idiot :D

Thank you.


Anonymous said: this is wylde. i'd just like to say that when this first went up and i found myself on it, i was quite pissed. but now i find myself enjoying it. i also have found myself calling people on shit sometimes. good job.

I’m glad.

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